Mercane G2 Master Electric Scooter
Mercane G2 Master Electric Scooter
Mercane G2 Master Electric Scooter
Mercane G2 Master Electric Scooter
Mercane G2 Master Electric Scooter

Mercane G2 Master Electric Scooter

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Introducing the Mercane G2 Master: Unleash the Power of Performance! 🚀

Get ready to redefine your electric scooter experience with the all-new Mercane G2 Master – where power meets precision, and style meets speed.

Unparalleled Speed Control: Choose your speed adventure with the G2 Master's three gears. Cruise smoothly in Gear 1 at 20km/h, elevate to 35km/h in Gear 2 on private property, or experience the thrill of 60km/h in Gear 3 (also on private property). This scooter gives you the power to tailor your ride to the moment.

Powerful Performance, Feather-Light Design: Weighing in at only 33kg, the G2 Master is a powerhouse on wheels that won't weigh you down. With a robust net weight and a maximum load capacity of 120kg, this scooter effortlessly combines performance with practicality.

Compact and Portable: The G2 Master boasts intelligent design with dimensions of 1260 x 595 x 1315mm when unfolded and a compact 1260 x 595 x 595mm when folded. Effortlessly navigate urban spaces and easily store your scooter when not in use.

Efficient Charging System: Equipped with a 58.8V2A certified charger, the G2 Master ensures rapid and safe charging for uninterrupted adventures.

Robust Motor and Precision Control: Featuring a powerful 1000W motor (1400W*2 Peak) and an advanced FOC52V50A controller, the G2 Master delivers a smooth and responsive ride, whether you're navigating city streets or conquering hills.

Safety-First Design: Experience secure rides with double disc brakes, front and rear spring shock absorbers, and 10" air tyres. Conquer inclines with ease, as the G2 Master confidently climbs hills at a 30-degree angle.

Illuminating Innovation: Navigate with confidence, day or night, with a comprehensive lighting system that includes headlights, tail lights, turn lights, and a deck light controlled by the app. Safety is in every detail.

Certified Excellence: Rest assured with the G2 Master's certifications – CE, EN17128, ROHS, FCC, and IP54. This scooter is not just a ride; it's a commitment to excellence.

Elevate your electric scooter experience with the Mercane G2 Master – where performance, style, and innovation converge for an electrifying ride like never before. Are you ready to Master the streets? 

Mercane G2 Master 
BRAND Mercane
MODEL G2 Master 

Gear 1: 20km/h

Gear 2: 35km/h (Private Property)

Gear 3: 60km/h (Private Property)

MAX RANGE* 60km (*depending on rider size & terrain)
BATTERY 52v 18.2Ah Lithium Ion

58.8V2A With Certificate


Unfolded: 1260 x 595 x 1315mm

Folded: 1260 x 595 x 595mm

MOTOR 1000W (1400W*2 Peak)


TYRES 10" Air Tyres

Double Disc brake


Front & Rear Spring Shock

HILL CLIMB 30 Degree

Headlight/Tailight/Turn light/front and rear lights :DECK Light controlled by App


CE, EN17128,ROHS,FCC ,IP54