Apollo City V3 2023 Electric Scooter
Apollo City V3 2023 Electric Scooter
Apollo City V3 2023 Electric Scooter
Apollo City V3 2023 Electric Scooter

Apollo City V3 2023 Electric Scooter

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The new benchmark for modern commuting

The award-winning Apollo City 2023 is here to raise the bar for modern commuting and position itself as the ultimate choice for urbanites and riding enthusiasts alike.

Drawing from the success of its forerunners, the beloved Apollo City 2022 & 2021 models, the new Apollo City exceeds expectations in combining design, performance, and functionality.

Brace yourself for exhilarating yet stable rides with the City's increased top speeds, robust design, enhanced throttles and grips, turn signals, and more improved features and mechanisms – all crafted to bridge the gaps of electric commuting.

Performance, Power, and Thrill

Outfitted in the brand's distinctive grey hues, the new Apollo City is constructed from 6061 aircraft-grade aluminium to guarantee maximum durability and resilience. Keeping up with the standards of the entire Apollo lineup, the new City is built to withstand even the most challenging of urban terrains.

The Apollo City 2023 is propelled by two 500W motors, pushing the scooter to reach impressive top speeds of up to 51 kph, giving you swift and smooth rides around the city.

Enduring Battery and an Extended Range

The Apollo City 2023 is now equipped with an upgraded battery that boasts a higher capacity – from 18aH to 20aH – to provide more power and range.

With the City's 48V 20aH battery that utilises advanced 21700 cell technology, the electric scooter can cover an extended range of 64 km (single motor) or 70 km (dual motors) on Eco mode, empowering riders to enjoy longer rides on a single charge.

Self-Healing Tyres and Power RBS

Ride with confidence with the Apollo City's self-healing 10-inch tyres. Designed to be puncture-proof, the tyres feature a gel lining that instantly seals any cuts, ensuring hassle-free commutes without interruptions.

The City is further enhanced with the brand's in-house-designed regen throttle system, the Power RBS. Rigorously tested to three times the industry standard, this system has undergone 300K cycles of testing. This guarantees ultra-smooth and reliable stopping to deliver a level of comfort like no other.

Moreover, the Power RBS is designed to minimise the need for frequent mechanical braking, maximising battery efficiency while reducing wear and tear.

Designed for Safety

Despite its powerful performance and exciting features, the new Apollo City is a safe machine, fitted with a 500-lumen, 20 LUX front headlight and a rear brake light to help you stay visible, particularly during night-time rides.

To effortlessly indicate turns, the electric scooter also features integrated turn signals that are embedded onto the handlebar and deck.

The dual-motor Apollo City V3 is also equipped with a triple spring suspension system, which gives it the ability to conquer difficult city terrain – from potholes and cracks to high curbs and uneven pavement.

A true all-terrain scooter, the Apollo City's strong and reliable suspension delivers smooth and comfortable trips all the time.

Built to Withstand the Elements

Staying true to its promise to elevate commuting standards, the Apollo City 2023 is the first in its class to feature an IP66 water resistance rating for all-season riding. This remarkable quality allows riders to embark on unhindered trips, no matter the weather.

New and Improved Mechanisms

Here are new and upgraded features to expect from the new Apollo City:

  • Zero-Wobble Upgrade: The scooter's folding mechanism has been redesigned to eliminate wobbling and instability.
  • Hook System: It also comes with a new hook system that ensures hassle-free folding and unfolding.
  • Kickstand: The scooter's kickstand is now stronger and reinforced for superior support and security.
  • Throttles: The new City features 8th-gen in-house-designed throttles for smoother operation and improved ergonomics.
  • Grips: These have been enhanced to provide a more comfortable and secure grip.

Ride Smart With The Apollo App

Take rides to the next level with the Apollo App. Use it to adjust your braking and acceleration settings to match your skill and preferences and customise your ride to suit your unique needs.

You can also use the app to access real-time electric scooter range estimates, providing you with helpful information about the battery range remaining in your ride.

To deliver an extra layer of security, the Apollo app also lets you remotely lock and unlock your scooter to protect it against theft and unauthorised use.

Following in the footsteps of its predecessors, the Apollo City 2023 is more than just an award-winning electric scooter; it is a solution designed to address the real-life challenges of daily commutes.

Model CITY 2023 PRO
MAX. SPEED 51 kph
MOTOR 500W, Dual
WEIGHT 29 kg
RANGE 70 km (Eco mode)
CHARGE TIME approx. 4.5 hours
TYRES 10-inch Tubeless, Self-Healing
CLIMB ANGLE 20 Degrees
OFFROAD No, but can handle more varied terrain
BRAKES Dual Drum + Regenerative Brakes
  • 51 kph top speed
  • 70 km maximum range
  • 3 riding modes
  • Aircraft-grade aluminium frame
  • LED display
  • 20-Lux front headlight + Integrated turn signals
  • Ergonomic Thumb Throttle
  • Front Drum and Regenerative Brakes
  • Triple Spring Suspension